Ko Samui Tailors Story

Off the Thai coast, where nature is still absolute and stands untouched between the sky and the sea, there is an antique market amulets: objects always considered dark, fascinating and full of incredible stories. The atmosphere between the stalls of this magical place is unbelievable, sounds and colors are mixed with the nature, overlapping voices and obscure dialects make the visit unreal: while not speaking our language, the locals are used to the curiosity of tourists and with kindness and toothless smiles make uu taking and touching necklaces and different spiritual objects.

It’s in front of one of these stall that we meet for the first time: Léonie young Parisian writer, Benji Japanese designer, Brian eager surfer and penniless traveler; eveyone looking enchanted at my meticolousness in capturing all possible shades of the objects with the objective of my Leica.
The feeling that join us is immediate and very strong, so we decide to continue our journey to explore the island together, each bringing something of himself to the others. Without even realizing it ,we were already planning something big and important .

The years passed and our lives continue in different directions, but despite geographical distances, our friendship remains and our desire to achieve something together has never changed. In 2014, it’s been six years since we met for the first time and from the place where we met comes the name of our project: Ko Samui.

Ko Samui Tailors an antique art in the modern times.