Organic cotton is part of the green fashion, since it is eco-sustainable.

Pesticides or fertilizers are not used for its cultivation, but only natural products that make the fiber eco-compatible.

Organic cotton, however, is not part of the green fashion only for a more and more current eco-sustainable trend, but finds its place in this category for many reasons, including:

– Decrease in consumption of water for irrigation.

– Only natural and certified products are used throughout the production process, from cultivation to harvesting.

– Organic cotton certification is awarded after three consecutive years of cultivation without the usage of chemicals.

– No heavy metals or harmful substances are used for the disposal of organic textile fibers.

– The organic finally allows the skin to sweat out better without causing allergies or irritations.

A monochromatic wardrobe may not tempt much, but for this reason it is possible to create organic t-shirts printed through digital printing, which offers a high-definition photographic performance as the color completely penetrates the fabric and is carried out exclusively with water colors.

Living “Bio” does not just mean paying attention to what we eat by buying fruit from the “trusted” farmer behind the house, but choosing a lifestyle and in our small way, reducing our environmental impact on the world, taking care of our future and of the one of the future generations.

Ko Samui Tailors, to encourage Eco Sustainability, has created an “organic capsule collection” of t-shirts entirely developed in organic cotton.

The goal is to help the customer to become aware of the importance of nature and to respect it, always making a good and ethical choice and helping to save the environment.

Photo by Janko Ferlic