Payment methods

The following forms of payment are accepted by

You can shop online and pay from the comfort of your home with Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, American Express, and JCB cards.
Upon purchase, customers enter the details of your credit card in a secure electronic banking system, provided by PayPal.

All transactions are processed through a secure server, ensuring customers to KOSAMUITAILORS.COM maximum data protection.
The Customer Service operators KOSAMUITAILORS.COM are in no way authorized to request or to accept credit card numbers and / or extremes of validity thereof.
For more information please visit: or

If there are sufficient funds to purchase and bank details provided are valid, the transaction will be processed instantly.
The credit card used will be charged at the time of purchase even in case of pre-order .

Choosing to pay by bank transfer, at the end of the order the customer automatically receives an email of confirmation containing the bank details of KOSAMUITAILORS.COM. The customer is required to send a copy of payment by fax or e-mail within 48 hours of receipt of the order confirmation.
If within that period KOSAMUITAILORS.COM not receive the proof of payment, we will cancel the order.
We will ship the order when the transfer reaches our bank account and as soon as the goods will be available in our warehouse.

By choosing the method of payment PAYPAL customers you can pay directly through your Paypal account. KOSAMUITAILORS.COM reserves the right to ship the goods to the address indicated only for verified account by Paypal. 

We wish to remind our new customers that KOSAMUITAILORS.COM can ask the bank or Paypal to verify the transaction, even contacting the counterparty bank. This check may cause some delay in the shipment of the order.